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The Karbon-Karbon EP

Karbon-Karbon offers harmonically complex and melodic alternative pop/rock on their self-titled debut EP. Karbon-Karbon are characterized by their at times untraditional chord movements and their sophisticated vocal harmonies, which put together results in a melancholic and thorough soundscape. The guitar work often utilizes unorthodox sound effects, and has an originality and technical precision in the solo parts that until now hasn't been associated with alternative pop/rock. In combination with a number of creative electronic aspects, the aforementioned elements constitute the Karbon-Karbon sound.

The five tracks of the EP were composed under the slogan "must sound good on a beat-up acoustic guitar", but from this basis the songs have been orchestrated with fashionable digital synthesis - though with the purpose of recreating controllable "vintage warm" analogue sound. The result is a collection of melodically strong songs that in instrumentation and soundscape creates a synergy between hi-tech digital and analogue retro.

Karbon-Karbon's members are Lars Mikalsen and Jørgen Thorstvedt. The songs were composed and produced in their entirety by Mikalsen and Thorstvedt in collaboration. They also played and programmed all parts on the EP themselves, though with prefigurative assistance from skilled percussionists on selected tracks.


The Karbon-Karbon EP contains the following compositions:

  1. Ocean — a hovering intro transitions quickly to a synth based verse with semi-funky drums. The bridge and hard-hitting chorus is carried by catchy vocal lines that immediately stick to memory. Some sources allegedly claim this track summarizes the synth pop and hair metal of the 80's in one song –  a claim Karbon-Karbon refrains from commenting upon.
  2. Purle — tribal drumming and dissonant guitar riffs define a suggestionizing foundation for the evolving vocal lines of the verse. The chorus is a symphony of multi-instrumental harmony lines, served on a bed of arch-typical Karbon-Karbon chord movements.
  3. Roses — Karbon-Karbon will probably never come this close to straight forward rock again – dense vocal lines just barely escapes getting drowned by slide guitars and primal chords of the feedback-generous kind.
  4. Pinicube — an express train of a track offering surprising details around every corner – including double-bass, a chorus in 15/8 time, spectral guitars, vocoders and mathematical drums on a ph.d. level.
  5. Dizzy — electronic pling-plong and an acoustic rhythm section are united in this gliding composition. Relaxing vocals and an inspiring cadenza concludes the EP in a dignifying manner.
Previews of all tracks are available at musiconline.no


Karbon-Karbon gladly admits having listened closely to the following artists:
     Depeche Mode
     Jeff Buckley
     Allan Holdsworth

Others think Karbon-Karbon sound somewhat similar to:
     Beach Boys
     The Stranglers
     Smashing Pumpkins
     Alice in Chains
     Pink Floyd
     The Cure


Karbon-karbon are
Lars Mikalsen (guitar, bass, synth, programming)
Jørgen Thorstvedt (vocals, drum programming)

Record Company

Karbon-Karbon EP (VRCD008) is released on Villa Records

The Karbon-Karbon EP

The Karbon-Karbon EP was released on Villa Records spring 2006, and features five original tracks written, performed and produced by Karbon-Karbon.

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